The Ides Of March LOST TAPES VOL 1.

The Ides Of March LOST TAPES VOL 1.

Last year when the band was playing the lovely Acorn Theatre in 3 Oaks Michigan (we’ll be there again in November-worth the drive!!) , a gentleman approached JP and gave him a set of cassettes recorded live in 1972 at a College in Michigan. Jim listened to the tapes and found out they were of pretty good quality (for the day) and the band was smokin’! Larry took the tapes and did his digital cleanup magic, making them shine a little brighter. We picked the  best tunes from the tape, and now present them to you on our new disc “Lost Tapes Vol. 1”.

This version of the Ides was short-lived, but was notable because of the addition of Conrad Prybe on Trombone. This was after Ray Herr left and just before Dave Arellano joined on keyboards. Probably the last hurrah of the classic “Brass-Driven” Ides from back in the day. There are some real rarity songs like “American Express”, “Share This Feeling”and a great fan favorite “Teeny Bopper Medley”. Also a great rocking rendition of B.B.King’s “Rock Me Baby”.

The fellow who gave Jim the tapes never gave his name. We sent out a big rockin’ THANK YOU to our nameless benefactor.

This is a must for every Ides fan, and we’ve got it at a special low price of $10.

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