CHICAGO – 8/15/17

Due to overwhelmingly popular demand, the PBS Soundstage Special, “The Cornerstones of Rock,” will be rebroadcast on WTTW, Channel 11 out of Chicago during their annual pledge drive. Jim Peterik from The Ides of March, Carl Giammarese from The Buckinghams, and Ron Onesti from The Arcada Theatre will be hosting the broadcast. The program begins at 8PM Central time.

More details can be found at the WTTW website:

Betsy Larson Remembered

It was October 16, 2016, the day of the baby shower for Maisy Peterik when I happened to walk Betsy Larson from her car to the entrance of the Jam Lab where the event was being held.

I noticed a certain wistful look in her otherwise smiling eyes. “Jimmie, just got some bad news. I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer of the bile duct.” I tried to remain calm and offered her the standard encouraging word, but she seemed to possess a sixth sense about the journey she was about to take.

Thus started her brave battle with the cancer that rudely took her from us in the wee small hours of June 11th, 2017.

I remember clearly the gaggle of girls that surrounded us after the Ides Of March show at the Valley View Young Adults Club in Frankfort, Illinois – Friday night, February 29, 1970.

This date rings like a bell not only because it is the very day that “Vehicle” premiered on WLS, but also because two girls, Pam Stout and Betsy Resef, cuter and more attentive than the rest, emerged from the crowd and showed special interest in two of the Ides members. Pam took a special shine to guitarist and vocalist Larry Millas and Betsy to our lead horn player John Larson. Their interest was reciprocated and soon they were dating and double dating to beat the band.  Before you knew it wedding dates were being set for both couples. And it all started at Valley View!!!

Betsy through the years was a dear friend and confidant to all. She was a great listener and always gave advice in a non- judgmental way. And if a little vulgarity is the spice of charm, she served up a very tasty dish!

As one of the “Brides Of March” (Norma Bergland, Pam Millas, Betsy Larson, Karen Peterik and Cyndy Soumar- and a bit later Gail Millas, Patsy Larson, Chris May and Mary Jane Borch) their camaraderie was legendary and their parties could get a bit wild! I remember after one of their Soires, Karen Peterik revealed that they all got more than a little tipsy on sweet cherry suise! And Betsy was the ring leader!

She and John stayed close, even after they divorced and John married Patsy and Betsy married Zeno.

Through the years the Ides alumni have always remained like family, so it was a utter shock when the reality hit of the severity of Betsy’s illness. The flood of tears is not soon to abate. Betsy was a flawless gem (a term she must have used often as a sales person at her parent’s Orange Blossom jewelry store on the South side.) Her smile could light a room, her comfort was our cushion, her humor could curdle milk and we will miss her until we meet again.

Shine on Bets – we love you.

From the heart of Jim Peterik and all the Ides and Brides of March.  June 14, 2017




The Ides and Felix Cavaliere in Baton Rouge

The IDES have been so blessed throughout their career to have had the opportunity to share the stage with a wide variety of great musicians. Sometimes colleagues show up backstage just to say hello, and before long, there they are, singing or playing along. These moments are always special, and the overwhelming response from the lucky crowds are the living proof.
To take it a step further, as Jim Peterik has set a precedent with his World Stage Concerts, promoters have been designing shows where Star Artists “sit in” with the Ides, elevating an already exciting program to greater heights.

Over the years, such legends as John Densmore of the Doors, Rik Emmett of Triumph, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, Carmine Appice of the Vanilla Fudge, Cathy Richardson of the Jefferson Starship, Mike Reno of Loverboy, and Col. Steve Cropper have graced the Ides stage. Who knew the Ides were so versatile as to support these artists in their own styles? Each of these shows were a knockout smash, as you’d imagine them to be.

Recently, at a Mardi Gras Ball for the SPLL (Society to Preserve the Louisiana Lagniappe) in Baton Rouge, a very special Guest Star appeared with the Ides. Rock And Roll Hall-Of-Famer Felix Cavaliere of the Rascals brought his blue-eyed soul to the stage, and the result was a career highlight for the band.

The magic that happens when the Ides feature special guests is due to the personal excitement each member of the band has in playing with them. It’s just as big of a deal for the guys in the band as it is for the audience! The Ides work diligently to learn and apply all the nuances of the Guest’s music to the letter, so the guest feels at home and it makes for a better show.

Felix took the stage to a great ovation, as the crew wheeled out Felix’s beloved Hammond Organ, where he has always held court. Those fans who know the Ides as a rollicking rock band might not know they cut their teeth “back in the day” playing plenty of Motown and R&B hits, and they fell right in line behind Felix’s groove. The party, (which was already a percolating, energetic scene) elevated a few more notches, with the outrageously costumed denizens (it was a Mardi Gras Ball, after all) dancing at full tilt, and straining to get ever closer to the stage.

After Felix closed his set, The Ides returned with their .38 Special medley, keeping the energy going, as you might expect those songs to do in the deep South; and climaxing with, what else? “Vehicle”.

The band never got to go offstage before the Encore was demanded, and the Ides complied with “Eye Of The Tiger”, calling Felix up again to have some fun-playing a killer Organ solo, and adding some great vocal improvs.

Every Ides Of March show is special, but every once in a while, the heavens part and grace descends. You really should have been in Baton Rouge…

Moody Blues Cruise News

(Oh yeah, the Moody Blues Played, too!!)

In the past, whenever “High C’s” came up, it referred to the trumpet of the late, great John Larsen or to the Ides’ current horn whiz Tim Bales; but recently, the “High Seas” is where the Ides played two spectacular shows aboard the Norwegian Pearl on the “Moody Blues Cruise”.

The Moodies had twice before led a stellar cast of bands on Caribbean Excursions, with around 2000 fans enjoying intimate shows, photo ops and meet/greets. For the third round, the Moodies asked the IDES OF MARCH to join in on the fun, and we couldn’t say no!

It was a cold and snowy morning when we boarded the jet for Miami, but 70° temperatures and a sunny sky greeted us as we checked into the hotel the night before we sailed. Right away we started to meet the fans who would join us, and the vibe was rocking. Bumping into other musicians checking in, the party started immediately!

The next morning, we gathered with excitement, loading onto the Motor Coach that would ferry us to the Dock. Jimbo’s old friends Gunnar and Matthew Nelson were there, as were the guys from Rare Earth. When we got to the waterfront, our jaws dropped at the first sight of the Norwegian Pearl, looming huge and impressive. The Production crew ushered us into a V.I.P. line, expediting our security, baggage and check-in; and before you knew it we were stepping onto the ship itself. The Adventure was about to begin!

The Ides were scheduled to play the first major show after embarkation, a 6:30pm downbeat in the Spinnaker Lounge high on deck 13 near the bow of the ship. The Spinnaker is a large, deluxe room with floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, and a terraced seating plan that made every point count. The view outside was fantastic.

At 4pm, the ship set sail, and as we soundchecked high above, we could feel the gentle rocking of the waves. That was the sum total of the “gentle” rocking there would be in the Spinnaker that night.  As showtime approached, the fans began to pour in. We had a few special guests-Mark Stein, Pete Bremy and Carmine Appice from the Vanilla Fudge all stopped backstage to wish us well, and stayed to see the show. (The Fudge were also appearing on the cruise).

At 6:30 We launched into “People Get Ready” and proceeded to tear through the Ides’ concert reperitoire. It was standing room only, and clear from the get-go this crowd was serious about having a good time. Before long, the dance floor was filling up, and by the time we got to “Tiger” the audience was right up to the stage. “Tiger” was a swirling, electric, charge of energy, with Jimbo’s traditional journey into the audience a bit abbreviated, ‘cos the audience was so dense on the dance floor, he couldn’t get much further! “Vehicle” took the whole show over the top, and the ovation at the end sounded like something you might hear at the United Center. It was the perfect combination of an audience that wanted to have fun, and a band that was ready to bring it to them.

The rest of the evening was spent in exploring the ship, having a bite to eat and a celebratory cocktail. There were bands playing all over the ship, and musicians were everywhere you looked. As we retired to our cabins, we gave thanks for a successful first day.

We had been scheduled to play the next day, Saturday, at 1:30 in the afternoon, but it was bittersweet, as Saturday was the day scheduled to port in Key West. Many folks would be off-ship enjoying the sights and sounds of that crazy Florida burg. That melancholia was short-lived as we got the newsletter for the day stating our 1:30 show was cancelled and replaced with a 6:30pm show the following day, while were were to be at sea (everyone aboard) and the venue would be the Stardust Theatre where the Moody Blues were appearing! Apparently the word got around about the fine Friday night show. Having the day “off” meant we could go ashore to Key West and have a day of fun. We all went our separate ways, but Scott, Larry and Frank (and wives) managed to hook up and rent a six-passenger electric beach car, driving all over the island (with many U-turns). On the way back to the boat, we ran into John Lodge (bassist for the Moody Blues) whom we thanked for giving us his little video tribute seen at our 50th anniversary show, and also recommending us for this trip. What a nice guy.

It was very gracious of the promoters to reserve one of the dining rooms for the Artists and Crew Only. While anywhere else in the ship, we were constantly greeted by fans (and it must be said-ALL these folks couldn’t have been nicer and more respectful. A very high level of enthusiasm, but dignified and always kind), which was wonderful, but it felt good to step “off the clock”  for a short time. Also, it was great to hang with such great musicians. The Ides were at one table, the Zombies at another, Christoper Cross & band across the way, Ambrosia and Randy Hansen at adjacent tables. Heck, WE’RE fans too!!

Later that night we went out to the Pool deck to see the Vanilla Fudge. You would think that in the middle of the Caribbean there would a sultry, warm breeze wafting among us. NOPE! You would have thought you were on Michigan Ave. battling the Hawk. IT was COLD outside. The winds subsided a bit when it came to showtime, but it was still nippy…

Sunday was designed as a “day at sea”, and true enough, in the middle of nowhere, the Pearl ceased forward movement with water as far as you could view on all sides. We collected in the front of the Stardust Theatre, and had a nice chat with Mark Hogue, Tour Coordinator of the Moodies. We set up and soundchecked, and retired to the dressing room just as they were letting the folks in.

Showtime! We went onstage and spied a mostly-filled house. Running through the same basic set we played in the Spinnaker on Friday, this crowd seemed even more pumped than the Club  did. And as we played, we noticed folks still filing in. By about 30 minutes into the set, we saw the 1032-seat theatre was jam-packed, with folks standing in the back. Again, “Tiger” set the audience into overdrive, and “Vehicle” lit the afterburners. We had never heard an audience response to the “love yous / need yous” this strong before. This may have been one of the greatest performances by the Ides Of March, ever.

Taking a moment to greet the fans lingering outside the theatre, it was dinner time, and we made our way to the private Indigo Room to bask in the after-show afterglow. On our way back to our cabins, we discovered the Vanilla Fudge ready to play their second show of the trip on the pool stage once again, and as the weather was much better, we decided to cap off a fab night with some classic rock and soul.

Monday was a pure “off” day, and we arrived at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. This is a private Island owned by the Norwegian Cruise Lines.  Launches shuttled us to the shore, where a delightful complex was found. There was a beautiful beach, and a full stage set up, where Randy Hansen, The “Orchestra” (featuring former members of ELO) and Ambrosia were set to play. Although it was a bit overcast, there was enough tropical warmth to make us know that we were lucky to be there and not in the snow and cold back home. A few of us stayed back on the boat to see the handful of bands (like Christopher Cross and The Strawbs) that were featured. After the “beach crew” returned, we headed down to the pool stage to see Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night), Brian Howe (Bad Company), and Mark Farner (Grand Funk) rock the boat in a big way. Later, another fun band dinner in the Indigo was mounted, then it was time to go to the atrium for the “All-Star Jam”

Who was the first “All-Star” to grace the stage? JIMBO! of course! Jim kind of became the “go-to” guy, calling off songs, playing guitar and singing with his usual high energy. He was there for most of the night.

Tuesday started early, and we had to disembark by 9am. Sadly, we left our massive friend at the same dock we met her, blew through customs and were soon aboard a bus bound for Miami International Airport.

It was a fantasy trip. Immersed in music, we were among old musician friends, made a bunch of new musician friends, and experienced an avalanche of good will from hundreds and hundreds of long-time fans and brand-new converts.

We extend our boundless gratitude to all the fans who made this trip a high point in our career, to the intrepid crew of the good ship Pearl, and to the Moody Blues for allowing us to bring a little Berwyn to the World…

You can check out fan pictures and stories at

The Official Website of the Moody Blues Cruise is


It’s the GOLDEN CELEBRATION for 50 YEARS of the IDES OF MARCH, and the Boys from Berwyn have been on a tear!
Things started just before the turn of 2014 with our annual visit to Holy Name Cathedral. We had the pleasure, once again to help our Chaplain MSGR. DAN MAYALL out with the 6:30 Christmas Eve Mass. Our pal, the Dean of all Disc Jockeys DICK BIONDI was again with us, and it was a joyous occasion, indeed!
January and February were the “calm before the storm”, but things took off in March with a “MINI WORLD STAGE”  in Charleston S.C. for the good folks of Baker and Taylor who have been instrumental over the years distributing our CD’s and Jim’s Books. MIKE RENO from Loverboy and CATHY RICHARDSON from Jefferson Airplane were the IDES’ special guest along with World Stage Band Guitar Whiz MIKE AQUINO. The hits just kept on comin’!
Only back for a few days before we took off for the heartland and a one-nighter at the plush GRAND FALLS CASINO just outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. What was the date? Why, March 15th The IDES of March!
March kept on rocking with a sold-out show supporting TOMMY JAMES at the gorgeous Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet Illinois, followed by a trip downstate to Edwardsville, Illinois for a show at the smaller, but no-less-splendid Wildey Theatre.
April and May were quiet, but the end of the month saw the Ides in front of a PACKED audience at Chicago’s House Of Blues. Love those enthusiastic downtown crowds!The end of June saw us back at “The Cell”  (Cellular Field or as most Chicagoans still call it: ”Comiskey” or “Sox-Park”) to once again sing our National Anthem for the crowd followed by a Sox Baseball game. But we should have known something was up as the field guys were rolling out the tarps even as we sang. Ol’ Mother Nature had different plans for the night, which for us, was a private party in the SOX SkyBox Suite along the 3rd baseline. The sox faithful didn’t see any Baseball played, but the saw/heard the IDES!

We’ve actually had pretty good luck over the years, and haven’t gotten rained out that much, but just as we were to take the Stage in Itasca, Iliinois in July, the Town Fathers and Authorities “pulled the plug” due to heavy weather moving in.The next night, skies were clear as the main street of Westmont, Illinois filled to capacity as far as the eye could see,  welcoming us once again to their great downtown fest.A week later, Weather again gave us a bit of anxiety, with a dire forecast as we took the stage for a mid-week concert in Hillside, Illinois, but the night agreed to let the music play, and so we did!

August 2 – The Ides will rock Frankfort

The Boys from Berwyn will be rocking Frankfort, IL on August 2…all for a good cause. Come out and hear all the hits at CD and Me and support The Healing Curve, a non-profit initiative, to help women who have beaten breast cancer but are left with scars and loss of breast tissue as a result of the mastectomy that saved their lives.

CD & Me
August 2, 2014
23320 S. LaGrange Rd.
Frankfort, IL 60423

Jox Rox Chicago
1st Annual Charity Concert Event
Presented by Par Fore the Cause To Benefit Healing Curve.
with Chicago 6 / 7th Heaven / The Shed/341



The Ides will kick off their 50th Anniversary Tour at the House of Blues in Chicago on May 31, 2014. It is sure to be an amazing show you won’t want to miss. More details to come!

Feb. 14th show postponed

STOP THE PRESS! The New York Storm is preventing Tommy James from getting to Chicago, so tomorrow nights show (2/14/14) at the RIALTO in Joliet With the Ides Of March is POSTPONED to 3/21/14!!